Meeting Date 06-07-2021

30 Years of America’s Packard Museum

This talk will highlight the history of The Citizens’ Motorcar Company, America’s Packard Museum, highlights of the Packard Classic Car collection, and the connection between the museum and the City of Dayton. Robert Signom III, Curator, will discuss the museum’s beginnings, growth, and vision for the future as a gem in the cultural landscape of the City.  Rob will focus on the joys and challenges of running a regional transportation museum, and the educational and untapped humanitarian possibilities for museums in Dayton. Robert Signom III was unanimously selected by the Board of Trustees as the Curator of The Citizens’ Motorcar Company, America’s Packard Museum in July of 2019.  He is a life member of Packard Automobile Classics, as well as a member of the Antique Automobile Association of America, the Classic Car Club of America, Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club, First Presbyterian Church New York, The Dayton Bicycle Club and The Players’.  Rob became the youngest voting member of the Packard Automobile Classics Board of Trustees when he founded Tomorrow’s Packard Owners in 1992.



Meeting Video