Meeting Date 06-21-2021

Wright Dunbar 2.0

John Gower, urban planner, looks ahead with Wright Dunbar 2.0  Wright Dunbar, a centerpiece of Dayton history, has been revitalized and is poised for future development that will advance the district and West Dayton. Known for its legendary residents, the Wright Brothers, whose ingenious airplane inventions became the claim to fame for Dayton, and the esteemed Poet Laureate Paul Laurence Dunbar, developers are taking significant interest in the district. Businesses are locating there, a new food hall will open soon, upgraded housing  is available, and buildings are being purchased for new development. The Dayton Region’s Walk of Fame continues to thrive and likely will aid in the enhancement of the gateway from downtown Dayton over the Peace Bridge into the district and spread beyond its present footprint. John Gower, a longtime urban planner and historical preservationist, will give a glimpse of Wright Dunbar’s potential. John, who community leaders nominated for induction into the Walk of Fame in 2019 for his exceptional expertise, has brought to bear his knowledge and experience in developing this trajectory for growth, along with other community leaders. He will share their analysis with the Dayton Rotary Club on Monday, June 21st.




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