Meeting Date 09-13-2021

Removing the Redline:  What is Redlining, and Why Does it Matter Today?

Kristina Scott, CEO of Learn to Earn Dayton, works at the intersection of policy and practice to break down barriers to prosperity. She joined Learn to Earn Dayton in September 2020. She will address why are communities like Dayton so often racially segregated? How did our neighborhoods form the way they did? And how does this affect employment, education, policing, health care, and other aspects of life?  Learn to Earn Dayton, the Dayton Metro Library, and a host of community partners are hosting Undesign the Redline, a visually compelling exhibit tracing how discriminatory New Deal housing policies impact social issues we face today. We invite you to learn the history, make the connections and understand the stories. You will be able to place yourself on the map and reflect on whether it benefitted or harmed you. You will also discover actionable opportunities to make a difference in creating a more equitable future.



Meeting Video