Meeting Date 02-14-2022

Life of a Chocolatier

Chocolatier, Chelsie Standeford, joined the Ilan’s Raw chocolate team in 2018. Ilan and Merav came to Cincinnati from Israel and trained Chelsie to execute their complex hand-tempering method of small batch production and the simple, yet refined, secret construction method. Passing on their deep passion for innovative chocolate has allowed Ilan’s to grow from a boutique chocolate company to an international company. The first documented use of chocolate in drink form dates back to 1900 BC in Mexico among Mesoamerica’s earliest known settlements. Aztec and Mayan cultures continued to consume chocolate and place high levels of value on the cacao tree and seeds. The naturally bitter seed is fermented, pressed and consumed. It wasn’t until 1828, with the invention of a press to remove the natural fat of the cacao to cacao butter, that the modern era of chocolate was formed. Ilan’s Raw Chocolate uses the most natural and organic influences and history to replicate this delicacy in its truest form. Considered to be the “Prince of Cacao,” Criollo chocolate is prized as an ingredient in the very finest of chocolates. Ilan’s sources this ingredient from Peru. The result is pure cacao, ‘nibs,’ which are pressed to release the cacao butter, and then ground into cacao solids. While the dark chocolate base blend is always the same, Ilan’s creates specialty and signature chocolates to delight all tastes. Of course, all of the ‘added’ ingredients, including fresh organic Aurora cherries, California dates and almonds, Deeper Roots coffee beans, cranberries, coconut, and oranges, align with Ilan’s natural, healthy and organic philosophy. Come to the meeting on Monday, February 14th and taste for yourself!!



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