Meeting Date 06-03-2024

Building Strategic Value Together:  Partnering to Improve Community Health and Bolster Workforce and Economic Development Across the Region

Featured speakers will be Sue Edwards, President, Wright State University and Mike Riordan, President & CEO, Premier Health.  Premier Health and Wright State University are closely aligning their operations under a new long-term affiliation agreement that enhances the Dayton region’s access to state-of-the-art medical care.  The new agreement highlights the institutions’ shared commitment to excellence in education, workforce and economic development, research, clinical program development and community health.

The partnership is transformational and prioritizes producing more clinicians, nurses and other health care providers; spurring new research opportunities; and providing patients better access to vital medical care closer to home.

The agreement formally establishes a primary academic affiliation between Wright State and Premier Health and includes all of Wright State’s colleges and academic programs and all of Premier Health’s sites of care. The partnership also will present new opportunities for federal funding to support clinical activities, teaching, and research.

This more integrated operating model will position Premier Health and Wright State to develop a comprehensive, collaborative approach to meet the needs of the community for years to come.

Join us to learn how this partnership not only shapes the future of healthcare but also enriches the lives of those within our community.  



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