Meeting Date 01-09-2023

Shawnee Indian Relationships in Ohio:  Past and Present 

Our speaker is Glenna Wallace, Chief of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe.  Shawnee Indians were always on the move, lived in a minimum of 26 states until settling in the Ohio Valley in the early 1700’s and were later forcibly removed in 1832 to walk to Indian Territory which later became the state of Oklahoma in 1907. In 2007 the Eastern Shawnee Tribe returned to Ohio in its first Homeland Bus Tour, followed by two others, 2009 and 2014. This presentation will focus upon the 300 years of Shawnees involvement in their Ohio homelands. Topics included will be famous battles, famous Shawnees, reservations, removal, close relationship with Ohio History Connection, World Heritage nomination, Dayton’s Walk of Fame, Ohio’s newest state park, current and future challenges in Ohio and elsewhere.


Meeting Video