Meeting Date 10-25-2021

Polio and Its Late Effects

Phil Jenkins is a Polio survivor.  In his talk, he will describe the initial onset of Polio, that the virus attacks the brain but then spills over into the spinal cord where it attacks the anterior horn cells in the spine, thus causing paralysis in the limbs.  He will also describe the Late Effects of Polio, often called Post Polio Syndrome.  And point out that Polio survivors, as a population, tend to be Type A, overachievers, as compared to the general population, and I speculate as to why that may be.  He will also show pictures of some famous Polio survivors, some of which may be surprises to most people.  Considering the efforts of Rotary International in attempting to eradicate Polio globally, my hope is that this talk will be of great interest to the Rotary Club in downtown Dayton.



Meeting Video