Excellence in Teaching and Administration Awards

The Rotary Club of Dayton, Ohio is committed to improving life in our community in many ways, including providing active support for education. We seek to honor the work of the best teachers and school administrators in the city of Dayton with our Excellence in Teaching/Administration Awards.

Because “Service Above Self” is the centerpiece for all Rotary organizations, to receive the Excellencein Teaching/Administration Awards we are looking for teachers and administrators in public, private and charter schools within the city of Dayton who go above and beyond the call of duty and demonstrate “Service Above Self” in the course of their responsibilities.

An exceptional teacher takes many forms and administrative excellence is demonstrated in a number of ways. As you write your nomination you should keep in mind teachers and administrators who:

  • Interact in a professional manner with peers, students, the school and the community, resulting in a high degree of respect from everyone;
  • Share newly acquired knowledge, techniques and tools with peers;
  • Address the needs of the “total child;”
  • Provide for individual differences;
  • Involve all students in learning;
  • Use positive reinforcement;
  • Use innovative instructional approaches;
  • Evaluate students fairly and objectively using clearly defined expectations;
  • Use performance data from the classroom, school, community, state, and nation to shape the learning process.

Not more than three (3) teachers and one (1) administrator will receive the Excellence in Teaching/Administration Awards. A total cash award of $2,000 will be distributed. The Dayton Rotary will host the teachers, administrator, and their nominators at our weekly luncheon on Monday, May 19, 12:00 – 1: 15 pm.

We hope you will consider nominating a teacher and/or an administrator for the Dayton Rotary Excellence in Teaching/Administration Awards who exemplifies the best of the profession; someone who continues to find ways to reach all of his or her students and colleagues; who gives of himself or herself beyond what is expected of them; and someone who demonstrates “Service Above Self” for their school.